Retailers Have Demands

Retailers demand service uninterrupted by store remodels or new store openings, and they demand that all openings are executed on schedule. To expedite their projects, minimize retail store disruptions, and minimize expenses, retailers realize the value of consolidating store assets.

We Understand

We understand your need to track, receive, manage, ship, and inform. Whether by department or by an entire store, Hayes has the resources and technology to make any store roll-out or remodel project successful.

Case Study: Retail Consolidation

The Business Challenge:

A national retailer was seeking solutions to expedite the roll-out of new stores and leverage their purchasing power. However, the retailer was encountering supply chain issues: lost and damaged freight due to excessive cross-docking and excessive amounts of LTL shipments, and freight was untimely at remodels and new stores. Therefore, installations were delayed and costly, the buying power was lost due to individual order placements, and freight dollars of LTL shipments were exceeding the budget.

Hayes Solution:

The Result:

The new partnership resulted in a significant improvement and cost savings in a range of areas. Due to an improved supply chain and greater vender efficiencies, there were cost savings in FF&E (fixtures, furnishings, and equipment). Freight costs were lowered significantly due to a drastic reduction in LTL freight. The speed of field operations were increased due to load sequencing and inventory management was enhanced with the greater use of technology. The result was new stores opened quicker and at a lower cost. Remodels completed sooner minimizing the impact on customers and disruption to the stores.

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