Even though your inspections are tight at the factory and you have a well-documented inspection process, things can go wrong with import programs. From labeling to packaging and managing defective product, you need immediate solutions.

Hayes has developed and refined the aspects of managing direct import programs and deconsolidation. Handling thousands of container shipments a year, paired with a centralized location within minutes of several major intermodal terminals, positions Hayes in the middle of the action.

Import Programs

A large majority of the ocean freight hits the southwestern United States. With the Hayes Dallas location, you can combine multiple international vendors in one location so you can deconsolidate and then pool freight for a more efficient supply chain.

Upon receipt, goods are tagged for inventory and uploaded to our customized WMS and into your unique portal. Whether we are cross-docking, consolidating, storing, packaging, or combining other services, be assured that your goods are being handled with the care and efficiency you would expect.

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