3rd Party Warehousing

Our customers know firsthand that we’re dedicated to their cause. Support for your business could come in the form of a multi-tenant operation or dedicated facilities in Dallas or anywhere in the United States. Operating as a 3PL means we operate when, where and how you want to operate with seamless systems that feel like your own.


Most projects need proof of concept and need it sooner rather than later. With new business, you need to prove it early, make adjustments quickly and get the business moving. Utilizing our team of system designers and your dedicated account representative your project will get the attention it deserves right from the start with a goal of continuous improvement.

We analyze and review:

  • Receiving
  • Inventory reporting
  • Pick order routine
  • Order shipments
  • Delivery schedule
  • These are some of the many processes that come under constant scrutiny to enhance the throughput of goods and lower the cost of carrying inventory. Our job is to help you in your goal to lower the cost of doing business.

Documented Processes

Once a concept has been proven and established, the process is documented for reference and training conducted. Clear documentation is critical for further reviews, on-going system modifications and enhancements.

Full Time Trainer

Hayes has a dedicated Process Manager to maintain training and documentation, someone always in tune to your project; managing it as their own.

Vendor Relations

Hayes will communicate with your vendors to help anticipate and consequently prevent breaks in the supply chain. We’ll relay issues in product packing and transit to keep the process moving as smoothly as possible.

Are you ready to simplify the complicated with our 3rd party warehousing solution? Get in touch with Hayes Company.