Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics requires attention to detail. We manage RTVs, damaged goods, recalls and closeouts as well as provide the opportunity to auction, recycle or scrap. We separate, sort and analyze goods per customer guidelines. We then communicate to your team on their disposition. Expect us to handle the dirty work and let you get back to business.

Returns of any type require focus from both the operations team on the floor and at the shipping dock, distracting them from the most profitable activities of the business. Sorting, recording, packaging, recycling and communication are some of the many functions that distract your team from selling, promoting, shipping, manufacturing and maintaining daily transactions. If you have not built your business around making this a core process, then it is costing you more than just time. At Hayes this has been core to our business and we operate in this environment daily. With our customized WMS you will have complete visibility to inventory the second it hits the docks and all the way through the management of the goods. Recycle it, re- label it, re-package it, rework it, return to vendor or any number of processes are completely handled by our team so your team can focus on your core business.

Let us work with your team to develop a custom process for you.

Case Study: Reverse Logistics

The Business Challenge:

A national retail chain was remodeling a vast majority of their stores coast to coast. Remodels were disrupting the consumer shopping experience and the efficiency of daily store operations. A major component of this project was what to do with all the excess fixtures and equipment removed from the stores. Store operations needed to be relieved from figuring out on a local basis what to do with the excess.

The Challenge:

  • Develop a temporary regional warehouse program to eliminate excess freight and provide a consistent process that could be implemented regardless of location and SKU’s. Research and manage local governmental waste disposal requirements, for example in highly regulated areas like California.
  • Establish guidelines for receiving, logging, creating online visibility by retail location.
  • Develop regional and local vendors to auction, scrap, recycle, dispose and monitor every return item for store credit.
  • Create a real time tracking database and reporting tool so the retailer could monitor progress.

The Results:

Store personnel were freed from putting together inventory lists of assets leaving the stores which allowed more focus on the customer. Construction teams did not have to engage in time consuming activities related to special packaging due to multiple delivery locations. Assets were systematically managed rather than inconsistently monitored with loose reporting and tracking standards which varied from store to store.

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Case Study: Reverse Logistics

National manufacturer of agricultural equipment with extensive North American dealer network.

The Business Challenge

The manufacturer was seeking solutions to the following supply chain issues: discontinued parts, dealer branding changes, major product line overhauls and closure of retail dealer locations. Due to agreements between the manufacturer and dealers, obsolete inventory must be removed quickly from the dealer stores without fear of parts reentering the marketplace. The parts, due to company policy, were required to have a documented and certifiable process of destruction.

Hayes Solution:

  • Hayes created a centralized location and process for all North American dealer shipments so that a consistent process could be implemented regardless of location and SKU’s.
  • Created a process that established guidelines for receiving, logging, creating online visibility, scrapping, recycling and monitoring every Reverse Logistics item by project location.
  • Developed a process for sorting all recyclables and a vendor network was established for disposal creating the highest value for the customers recyclables.

The Results:

The process allowed for a consistent method for dealing with obsolete inventory. It provided the manufacturer a return on the inventory that was previously a cost center. Dealers have a system that that can be depended upon that eliminated much of their work. A new transactional process assured proper credit for both the dealer and manufacturer. Merchandise was handled in a proper manner, eliminating liability in the field with certified destruction of designated inventories and providing a return on assets never before enjoyed.

Ready to let someone else manage the details? Ask us about our reverse logistics services. Get in touch with Hayes Company.