Project Management

Retailers are continuing to look for support for managing projects and vendors. For ongoing projects or those that materialize without visibility, turn to Hayes for support and execution.

Case Study: National Retail Chain Store

The Business Challenge:

The Retailer was seeking solutions to expedite the rollout of new stores and leverage their purchasing power, but was encountering the following supply chain issues: freight was lost and damaged at LTL terminals prior to arriving at project, freight was untimely at remodels and new stores therefore installation was costly, the buying power was lost due individual order placements, freight dollars of LTL shipments was expensive

Hayes Solution:

  • Established regional warehouse locations to consolidate purchasing power and hold inventory.
  • Process Team established guidelines for receiving, logging, creating online visibility by regional location. Hayes warehouse personnel worked with vendors to establish labeling and shipping guidelines.
  • Created live online tracking so Retailer could monitor receipts and inventory.
  • Collaborated with Retailer to deliver a JIT process for all new stores.
  • Established systems for warehouse inventory tracking, receipts, shipments, and audits.

The Result:

The new partnership resulted in a significant improvement and cost savings in a range of areas. Due to an improved supply chain there was a cost savings in FF&E due to greater vendor efficiencies. Freight costs were lowered significantly due to a drastic reduction in LTL freight, speed of field operations was increased due to load sequencing. Inventory management was enhanced with the greater use of technology. The bottom line resulted in new stores opening quicker and at a lower cost. Remodels were done sooner minimizing the impact on customers and disruption to the stores.

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