Inventory Management and Warehousing

Supporting a vast range of industry, Hayes has the tools to flow goods to end users of all types. Managing FF&E (fixtures, furnishings and equipment) for retail, hospitality, restaurants, consumer goods for retail, industrial products, finished goods for final distribution; we understand the needs of you and your customer. Hayes can be that critical supply chain partner you can depend on.

Case Study: National Manufacturer Heating and Air-Conditioning Units

A leading manufacturer of residential and commercial Heating and Air-Conditioning units was experiencing tremendous growth and turned to Hayes to provide inventory management and warehousing for its peak demand curves.

The Business Challenge:

The company needed to maintain inventory by serial number and model, creating an inventory list that resulted in over 20,000 unique numbers and Hayes needed to be ready for receiving within 30 days.

  • Receiving processes needed to be established
  • Modifications to the WMS was needed to support the unique product attributes
  • Warehouse layout was critical to set receiving and order pick requirements
  • Communication link back to the manufacturer was needed so reconciliation by outbound order was communicated to meet the manufacturers billing procedures
  • Train employees for cycle counting inventory

The Result:

The manufacturer was able to continue with their ramp-up in manufacturing with no slow down to accommodate storage. The Sales Team was able to enjoy a seamless ordering and shipping process that reflected all the benefits of using a company owned warehouse. Fulfillment of orders through Hayes were transparent to the customer. Purchasing and accounting were able to track and manage inventory flow and billings as if it was in their own facility.

Are you ready to delegate your inventory management and warehousing? We have the solution; get in touch with Hayes Company.