About Us

For 30 years, Hayes Company has been navigating the complexities of the Supply Chain both domestically and internationally. We pride ourselves in putting customer service first.

We understand the complexities of working with large projects and JIT inventories. We are experienced with changing structure and understand the need for personal and technical support in an environment where the demands on project coordination are immense. We will handle your volume without hesitation and thrive in your chaos.

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When considering your supply chain strategy, the Dallas Forth Worth metroplex and Hayes Company should be in your plans. As the fourth most populated metroplex in the United States of America, Hayes’ Dallas location is within one day’s drive of 26 metropolitan markets and a population in excess of 51 million.

Are you a 4PL, a 3PL, a manufacturer, involved in facilities management, importer, retailer or a trucking company? Our 30 years of supply chain experience will keep your product moving to market. Your customers demand logistical efficiency, speed, up to date information and want their product treated with care. Advanced technology, combined with superior attention to detail, will add value to your supply chain efforts.

Our Customer Commitment

Our goal is to provide customers the best value in warehouse services. Hayes Company is not the biggest, so we prize every customer and want to treat every customer as if they were the only customer. We strive to have world class technology and resources at your disposal to streamline the cost of doing business. Our job is to make your life as easy as possible, feeling as if you are operating with your own systems through a fully integrated process. Our job is never done because there is always room for improvement.

Thank you for considering Hayes.

Will Hayes President and CEO
Hayes Company, LLC

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